Confinement meal 4

Confinement lunch today:

1. Stew chicken with tofu and vegetables (specially made this so that my big girl can have her share)

2. Stir fry pork with green pepper and black pepper

3. Stir fry romaine lettuce

4. Papaya salmon soup (leftover from yesterday)

Beside cooking for me yesterday, my dear friend Vennzi (not tagging her today as she is on holiday) also brought fresh meat. So, I marinated it last night and cooked this morning.

For me, I don’t mind taking leftover even during confinement as I also stored cooked food in the freezer for days to come (when hubby returns to work).

Celine Tan's photo.

Confinement dinner today: Spinach rice with steamed chicken with shiitake mushrooms, red dates and wolf berries

Spinach rice: Steamed brown rice, blanched spinach in leftover papaya salmon soup and fried shallots with oil (just mix them up) – following mama Carole Choe ‘s recipe, just swapped fried garlic with fried shallot

Some people asked me on how to boil the papaya salmon soup – just papaya, carrot, red dates and salmon bones; water to fill and slow cooked overnight.

Both big girl and hubby had the same meal too.

I only have one bowl soup left, so I had it myself.

Well, as mentioned many times, my confinement meals are not confinement per say, as I don’t really follow any rules and tradition – just avoiding ginger and rice wine in the beginning. And I know when I post, I am subjected to scrutiny and judgment (which many times I ignore). My point is everything in moderation plus I don’t think I am leading/asking anyone to follow me. We are adults, so use own judgment. I am just posting for my own reference, sharing my cooking and my current only entertainment. Cheers people! wink emoticon

Celine Tan's photo.

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