My first cook for my big girl after delivery: Stir fry udon with air fried threadfin fish


Today more or less back to schedule. My big girl is back to her nap time schedule today. My newborn is behaving quite well during day – just more frequent waking during midnight. Thus I got my nap too. Plus my c-sec scar is at minimal pain already (I walked alot to get it heal fast – just like what I did previously). After waking up, hubby asked what should he cook for big girl’s dinner. I gave him a pity look and said “ok, I will cook today” plus the big girl was not really into her meals lately – not sure because of his food or the change in the dynamics of the family.

My hubby went out to tapau his own dinner and so I cooked for big girl. Utilising the freezed carrot, pumpkin and corn plus the papaya salmon soup, I whipped up this stir fry udon. I topped it with air fried threadfin fish – coated with sesame oil and pepper. Easily done! Now back to my me time plus rest.

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