Arrow root and pearl beans chicken feet soup (slow cooked)



Don’t look good, but ok la… Filled 3 persons stomach.

Main highlight – Arrow root and pearl beans chicken feet soup (slow cooked)
– arrow root about RM4
– pearl beans RM7
– chicken feet RM3

So, soup itself cost RM14 but I have leftover for tomorrow and could keep one portion in the freezer for my girl’s future consumption.

Girl wanted noodles in the soup!

Happy with her dinner!

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Stir fry cauliflower with tomato
Chinese sausage and onion omelette

Yesterday’s stew pork with pumpkin and tomatoes
Hubby brought back – cooked unagi (thanks to all suggestions on how to heat it up – at the end, followed Karen Fong’s idea microwave plus insert a bowl inside when microwaving)

Stew tomato and pumpkin pork


Pork was blanched and then marinated with kikkoman sauce, oyster sauce, corn flour, pepper and sesame oil. Then air fried under 180 degree celcius for 10 minutes.

Sauce – oil, garlic, onion, pumpkin, tomatoes, shimeji mushrooms, water, sauce – tomato ketchup and kikkoman sauce, cornflour water

Just one dish for Winter Soltice’s dinner today. Anyway, we don’t really celebrate + could escape ‘drama’ tonight.

I have more sauce, where I will coat my girl’s air fried threadfin and give her some spaghetti (still very much in her noodles phase).

I have also lunch’s slow cooked lotus root and peanuts chicken soup, which I will cook with more tong yuen (lol! I made again as I am addicted to the savoury taste)!

My girl’s lunch:

Noodles in lotus root and peanuts chicken soup, which I slow boiled last night (was training hubby how to use the slow cooker).

Air fried threadfin fish – few actually said that their fish stick to the air fryer and become too fragile, but so far mine was okay. I marinated the fish with sesame oil, pepper and liquid amino. Air fried 8 minutes under 200 degree celcius without additional oil or grease. I flipped it once in between.

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No hassle lunch

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Happy Winter Soltice!


This morning saw so many bombing DHM with tong yuen. So, it is my turn. Actually, I thought last week I will make once only, but ever since seeing Chloe Lai’s savoury version, I wanted to try so much! Haha…

And yes, this time around, I added a little plain flour as suggested by Amy Wang, so it did turned out nicer texture!

I made for my own lunch only, maybe I will make again for dinner. So yummy!

Added pork balls, fu chok and choi sum!

My girl tried one tong yuen

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My dinner! Haha

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Air fryer roast honey orange chicken drumsticks


Marinated with fresh orange juice, honey, liquid amino, black pepper
Air fried – 180 degree celcius, 18-22 minutes, flipping them occasionally

I cooked the marinated sauce for 3 minutes under 140 degree celcius before pouring on the air fried drumsticks.

One dish for dinner served with blanched bok choy and leftover salmon fried rice. I am cooking mee suah soup for the girl as she isn’t feeling too well today.

Cocoa cinnamon buns

Don’t have to cook lunch today except fried eggs as we had leftover salmon fried rice, so did some baking. Kneaded by breadmaker, so don’t really need energy.

I used the one time proof recipe, added cocoa powder and wholemeal flour, topped with cinnamon powder.

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Leftover lunch!

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My world doesn’t revolves around YOU


So true…And it happens all the time on Facebook when I share articles and my thoughts. For the matter of fact, I seldom pinpoint anyone or make anyone to be examples in my sharing; I tried to be as unbiased as possible (only certain opinions from my friends could probably work some of you out). But still, some think I am talking about them! Some can be direct to tell me in the comment box but some can make a big u-turn, telling me in personal messages (even to the extent of whining how thoughtless I am). Some can blatantly take my personal weaknesses to counter attack me.

I do ignore those comments/messages at times – cos seriously it is none of my business to care about how you feel. If I were to care about everyone’s (everyone as in ALL the people on the fb list) feelings, I don’t think I would be able to share articles and thoughts. This is freedom of speech.

My questions are: why do you think my posts is about you? Aren’t you over thinking and causing yourself unhappiness? Or are you guilty of something?

Some days I do post on jokes; some days on serious thoughts..etc. But remember, it is nothing about you. I don’t really bother about your way of life – as much as I wish no one bothers me. Because that is ‘judging’.

Yes, I do get upset over this and only the closest will know how upset I could be. And yes, I can easily block these people from my list – but this is so childish. We are all grown ups. But it is really up to you to block or hide me from your news feed (leave if you can’t handle differing opinions?). I don’t lose out; just that ‘we’ lose a friendship. That’s all I would like to say.

Of course, there are many who enjoy my sharing (as much as I enjoy their sharing too) – as sharing is learning and caring.

Cheers to a happy weekend!

Mini KFC dinner plate!


Thanks to Vanessa Lau. Got the Siri Aji flour yesterday. I used half chicken, which the flour covers sufficiently. Chicken pieces were small, so I have mini dinner plate.

For the chicken, I marinated with liquid amino and pepper for few hours. Then coat with egg white and the Siri Aji flour. I drip some oil onto the chicken. Air fried under 180 degree celcius for 8 minutes, turned over and air fried under 200 degree celcius for 4 minutes.

Mashed potatoes – boiled potato and mashed with some cheese. The sauce also taught by Vanessa, heat butter and melt it. Add some all purpose flour. Then I used leftover soup (as I don’t have chicken cube) and add a little oyster sauce. Let it simmer. Done.

I bought the spicy flour. It was rather spicy that my hubby was also showing his tongue to me. So, I didn’t offer to my girl. She ate lunch’s longevity noodles.

One pot longevity noodles for lunch

Approximately RM8, and my girl will probably have it again for dinner.

Ingredients: Sesame oil, onion, garlic, ginger, lean pork, shiitake mushrooms, carrot, celery, leftover soup, sauce (dark caramel sauce, liquid amino), sawi, longevity noodles (one whole pack)

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My little helper turning 3 soon!

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Turning 3 years old in 11 days, she has been at least helping to clean up herself for more than a year.

She throws away her own thrash (differentiating what’s to be in the kitchen trash and paper basket), helps put her dishes or food containers away when she is done, clean up her toy mess away or spills, helping out with laundry (sending the clean clothes to respective compartments and hanging her clothes), at times sending her pee into the toilet bowl and so forth.

We do have to remind her at times especially when she is too preoccupied with doing the next tasks/play. Sometimes she wants us to get involved too or we have to start doing first before she gets started.

Of course she gets rewarded with plenty of praises and hugs when she does it. It gets easier as she is able to understand instructions more.

It certainly takes longer time compared to doing it myself, but she is still learning to do it.