Our budget meals in two days

Times are trying, so we are continuing our budget meals at home!

Our Christmas dinner done in less than RM20: Roasted stuffed mixed vegetables chicken with garlic and mushrooms spaghetti

Drink: Double boiled winter melon with barley & dried longan

Supposed to try air frying the stuffed chicken, but too tired after going out for lunch. So, I left the stuffed chicken in the oven at low temperature – so that I can nap, and don’t have to turn the chicken in the air fryer.

Celine Tan's photo.

Lunch for 3 on Boxing day, less than RM5

Dried noodles for me and hubby; soup noodle for girl

Sunked cost:
Leftover roasted stuffed chicken
Leftover soup

Cost: Spinach wantan mee and bok choy

Celine Tan's photo.

Pressure cooker kai choy rice & double boiled apple & water cress chicken soup for dinner

I actually air fried the pork before putting to cook with the rice and ingredients in the pressure cooker. Well, the air fried pork is to replace the usual Chinese sausage (which is then healthier in some sense, of course need to go through the extra step in the air fryer).

Pork and marinate about RM6
Rice, kai choy, carrot, garlic and sauces about RM4
For the soup, water cress, apple, red dates and chicken keel about RM7

Total about RM17, dinner for 3

Celine Tan's photo.

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