Spinach rice for lunch!


Finally cooked mama Carole Choe ‘s spinach rice with a little modification.

I made ikan bilis + long cabbage + tomato broth for this.

Cooked the white rice with the broth, so that I don’t have to use salt later on.

Instead of bacon, I used minced pork – which was marinated with kikkoman sauce, sesame oil, pepper and dark caramel; which then was stir fried with onion and oil. I added some shimeji mushrooms too.

Made garlic oil for this too.

And finally blanched spinach in the ikan bilis broth together with some wolf berries.

Then main masak-masak, mixed the cooked rice, minced pork, spinach and garlic oil together. Done!

Cooked this early as my girl is still sleeping, as she didn’t take nap yesterday!

Breakfast 11am, Lunch 12 pm.. Haha

Celine Tan's photo.

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