Air fried soy sauce chicken


I just have to cook half chicken for dinner. So, our Christmas eve dinner is less than RM10 to us. Hubby and I had the remaining spinach rice (lunch) while I promised my girl to cook her noodles – so I made udon soup for her with yesterday’s arrow root and pearl beans chicken feet soup.

Chicken was marinated with five spiced powder, kikkoman light soy sauce, dark caramel sauce, sesame oil, pepper, ikan bilis broth & rice wine.

Air fried:
160 degree celcius, 10 minutes
160 degree celcius, 8 minutes
200 degree celcius, 3 minutes

Marinate cooked under 160 degree celcius for 4 minutes, poured onto chicken.

My girl isn’t too used to ‘salty’ taste. She actually shivered when hubby accidentally gave her part of his chicken skin dipped into the sauce. Lol!

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