Pasta with pumpkin and parsley sauce plus quail eggs


Lazy day plus no need to cook dinner for hubby – he is eating what he didn’t eat last night! tongue emoticon

So cooked a simple meal for both me and girl – for lunch and dinner. And finally used one pack of the freezed parsley. I would say, it still tastes very strong parsley.

Ingredients for pasta sauce:
Puree pumpkin and sweet potato
White pepper seeds
All purpose flour
Leftover soup

On personal note:
Not just in DHM, even on personal fb, there can be alot of judgmental people (be it family members or close friends) who prey to see you say something not in view with them. People who don’t like or comment on your daily posts, do suddenly get worked out when they ‘feel’ that we are talking about them; thus end up commenting ‘sarcastically’ with the intention of provoking ill feeling. Worse, they find backing up by asking people to like their comment. They can be so sensitive to certain issues even though no intention to talk about them (it was just coincidentally related to them in one way or another). Find myself always in this situation and I got to ‘explain’ – I know I shouldn’t have to, but I did so – out of goodwill. And I thanked those who stood by myself trying to understand the situation and not giving a bias view.

Sometimes I find this true…

Celine Tan's photo.
Don’t surrender your truth but don’t keep the argument going. There’s just no point. Some people want to be right more than they want to be happy and you have better things to do than to provide fodder for the right-fighters.

It is always the people who know least about you, who want to judge you the most…

Celine Tan's photo.

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