My little helper turning 3 soon!

Celine Tan's photo.
Turning 3 years old in 11 days, she has been at least helping to clean up herself for more than a year.

She throws away her own thrash (differentiating what’s to be in the kitchen trash and paper basket), helps put her dishes or food containers away when she is done, clean up her toy mess away or spills, helping out with laundry (sending the clean clothes to respective compartments and hanging her clothes), at times sending her pee into the toilet bowl and so forth.

We do have to remind her at times especially when she is too preoccupied with doing the next tasks/play. Sometimes she wants us to get involved too or we have to start doing first before she gets started.

Of course she gets rewarded with plenty of praises and hugs when she does it. It gets easier as she is able to understand instructions more.

It certainly takes longer time compared to doing it myself, but she is still learning to do it.


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