Year 2015 – the year which she achieves many key milestones!


It all started when she turned two.

– She definitely became more chatty; speaking more fluently though at times we still don’t really understand her.

– She is a great imitator (our best little actress).

– She became more sociable towards kids her age; preferring older kids.

– She was potty trained when she turns 2.5 years old; and progress accordingly.

– She became more independent, wanting to do alot of things by herself.

– She is a great observer and helper at home.

– She is sleeping through the night before turning 2.5 years old.

– She moved to her single bed (but of late, exchanged bed with her papa as she wants to sleep with mama at night).

– She has stopped her 24/7 nursing sessions, soon after mama became pregnant. She still latches for comfort and of late, just kiss boobies good night.

– She improves alot on her self feeding. Not only becoming less messy, but also learnt how to use the chopsticks.

– She is still quite discipline in what she is allowed and not – meals, play, routines.

– (And most happily for mama) she recovered from her eczema – without having to rely on steroid!

I couldn’t deny that the ‘terrible 2’ stage is REALLY terrible – I had the most frustrating moments dealing with her this year (I am not sure I would deal better if not due to hormonal changes, but I can see increasing frustration from her papa who has always been patience with her.. Lol).

Looking forward to her turning a big, loving sister in 2016!

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