Air fried yam rings!


Steamed and mashed (one) yam (forgotten the weight of it)
1 tsp seasalt
1 tbsp brown sugar
1 tbsp tapioca starch
2 tbsp rice flour
Mix and make into rings. Coat with egg and oil. Air fried under 180 degree celcius for 8 minutes (flip once in between). Lower temperature to 150 degree celcius, air fried for 4 minutes.


Our RM1 lunch

Coriander mee hoon kueh – hers with small piece threadfin while mine with fu chok

We ‘cheated’ – radish and apple soup was leftover, so it is sunk cost!

Mini threadfin = RM0.50
Fu chok and sawi = RM0.30
Dough = RM0.20 (coriander leaves was free!)

*Rough estimation

Celine Tan's photo.

Dry pan mee

Hubby’s not coming back for dinner. So, easy one for us, no need cook heavy meat meal!

Air fried the remainder half of the threadfin fish – marinated in sesame oil and liquid amino (air fried 200 degree celcius for 8 minutes, flip once)

Since I was ‘bored’ while waiting for her to wake up from nap, I made her bear pan mee from the coriander dough.

The sauce – just stir fry onions in oil. Add in shiitake mushrooms. Pour in mixture of soup (I didn’t have enough soup, so added water) + liquid amino + dark caramel. Stir and let it simmer. I added in leftover egg from the air fried yam rings. Done!

Pour sauce over blanched pan mee dough.

Celine Tan's photo.

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