2015 is coming to an end!


The best thing I did for myself in 2015 is to love myself more. I stop being a people pleaser. I choose who I want to celebrate life with.

I mind my own feelings first; not really thinking of how people will think of me. Yes, I could be selfish or ignorant or some say cold blooded. But sorry, I don’t want go on living everyday with ‘grudge’. I don’t want to live in people’s drama (as I have my own sets to deal with.) I focus more on present (past is past, no matter how much you ‘sacrifice’) and let the future decide itself (from what I do in present than thinking what will happen in the future if I don’t do this or that today).

I care more on being happy and seeing both my girl and hubby (the most important people in my life, who stood with me in pain and happiness) happy than anyone else. I occupied my time as effective as possible – as I don’t want to live with regret (even if I die next moment from an accident, I have fulfilled my daily mission).

Some people just need to understand that they are not in the plan.

And thanks to the very person who spoilt my New Year day 2015, that made me a new me in the year.

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