35m11d, first time finishing all her noodles with her chopsticks!

Though some kids started using chopsticks way earlier, I am seriously proud of my girl – one who enjoys using her fingers to eat since started solid!

Again, please never judge how a parent allows the kids to mess up during mealtimes. Never judge how a parent just watch the kids self-feed (and thinking why we are not afraid of them being choked).

I will certainly stick to baby led weaning for no. 2 (though Noelle has mix of both – feeding and BLW).

Today’s dinner – noodles in double boiled savoury pear soup topped with stir fry long beans, carrot, tofu and minced pork.


1. Stir fry long beans, carrot, tofu and minced pork with peanuts

2. Air fried honey spicy chicken (marinated with chilli powder, coriander powder, honey, lemon juice, pepper, liquid amino, cornflour)

Celine Tan's photo.

Stir fry leek, tofu and minced pork

One dish for lunch. Managed to cook this before missy woke up! Will served with double boiled savoury pear soup + noodles.Celine Tan's photo.

Hers with soup, mine is kon low

Celine Tan's photo.