Air fryer vegetarian ‘sotong’


Inspired by my ‘secret admirer’, the submarine DHM member (who only shares with me what she cooks), this is air fried oyster mushrooms – that looks like fried sotong!

Just cut and sprinkle with oil. Using Bayers air fryer, under 160 degree celcius, air fried for 8 – 12 minutes. Shake or stir in between! Very nice snack!

Guess I would sort of answer to some questions here:

How much did you pay for the air fryer?

What would your advice be on getting an air fryer?

If you got budget, then can consider getting an air fryer.*

Is getting Bayers or Phillips or Buffalo air fryer better?

If you have low budget, you can get Bayers. You have high budget, you can consider the other two.*

* Sorry, I have to answer from a single income family perspective, other general tips like advantages and so forth, can be obtained from googling. It can sound very lame because I don’t like giving advice as I am not an expert.

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