Air fryer nam yu chicken


Air fryer nam yu chicken – marinated for 4 hours with:
2 pieces nam yu (fermented red bean curd)
Soy sauce
Oyster sauce
White pepper powder
Corn flour

Bayers air fryer – 180 degree celcius, 10 minutes; turn and 200 degree celcius for 5 minutes

Will blanch red spinach in leftover soup.

Quickie dinner. Actually can cook after napping (since very fast to prepare) , but don’t want the ‘stress’ from my cranky daughter (usually after nap) who can suddenly tell me she is hungry.

Pasta soup with lean pork, shimeji mushrooms and red spinach for my girl’s lunch

We were rushing today to get something from my friend. Then, my car has some minor problem – spark plug – difficult to start. My girl was so disappointed when she saw me having hard time to start the car. I went few rounds driving around the condo area, off and on the car until rather smooth. Her face still with so much enthusiasm to go ‘out’. Err… So I ‘risk’ it – since we were going to that area that has many car mechanic shops (and I feel very bad if I ffk my friend – my ex classmate who I have not met for years!) .

We arrived at the area, difficult to find parking. So, parked at housing area and walked to the office building, which was under renovation. Arghh… Had to walk big round since not sure where to enter. After collecting the item from my friend, we went to buy fruits. We walked back to car with finger cross that my car can start! tongue emoticon Fortunately, no problem starting it! After that, we stopped by at another area to buy bread and my lunch, since too late to cook for myself. Came home to cook for her this pasta.

** Don’t even tell my hubby at the first place until everything settled. tongue emoticon He will send the car for checking on Saturday!

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