Air fryer puffs!


Our light snack before going for a nap!

Hers – peanut butter puff

Mine – pork sausage puff

Using Kawan puff pastry, wanna finish this off from the freezer, no more buying! Hehe

Air fried using Bayers air fryer at 200 degree celcius for 10 minutes. No need to flip.

This is way faster than using oven, which usually takes 20 minutes and at 230 degree celcius.

Lunch and dinner done!
Suffering from low energy, so make this quick and easy!

1. Air fryer fish – just coat with sesame oil, 200 degree celcius for 10 minutes, flip in between (for girl)

2. Sesame oil chicken

3. Slow cooker abc chicken soup with mushrooms (girl’s having with mee suah)

4. Egg in black fungus and ginger in yellow wine (lol! I have fallen in love with this), added some broccoli for lunch

Will cook one yau mak before dinner.

Rest, rest, rest……

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