Air fryer fish


Our rather bland lunch today

Air fryer fish

Fish was coated with curry powder, turmeric powder, cornflour and pepper

Using Bayers air fryer, under 180 degree celcius, air fried 8-10 minutes, turning it over once.

We had plain mee hoon kueh in slow cooker radish and tomatoes chicken soup.

Hubby’s lunch box tomorrow

Air fried chicken ribs

Chicken ribs marinated in:
Oyster sauce
Soy sauce
White pepper powder
Corn flour

For 3-4 hours. Air fried under 180 degree celcius for 8 minutes. Then flip. Increase temperature to 200 degree celcius, air fried for 4 minutes. (no drip of oil at all)

Side: Nai pak in radish soup plus shiitake mushrooms

Rice separated.

Celine Tan's photo.

Supposed to be a rest day but seems like I have been busy since morning. Finally knocked off with my girl after our afternoon bath. Didn’t plan much for dinner as we are having leftovers.

1. Yesterday’s leftover air fryer kam heong pork – I just pan frying it with additional onion, dried shrimp, dark caramel sauce, water and corn flour water – let the pork simmer in the sauce before adding spring onions.

2. Leftover braised yam in black fungus – added more black fungus

3. Stew egg tofu with mushrooms (this is freshly cooked)

We will also be having spinach in slow cooker radish and tomatoes chicken soup.

Celine Tan's photo.

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