Air fryer siew yoke!


My best ever siew yoke! Even better than the oven’s!

Adapted from:

Using my Bayers air fryer of course!

After I bought the pork, cleaned it. Then blanched in hot water. Make cuts on the meat part and poke on the skin part. Rub with five spiced powder, seasalt and white pepper powder. I left it overnight in the fridge.

In the morning, I cut into half – because couldn’t fit entirely in the Bayers air fryer this slightly more than a kg pork (so I made two rounds). Coat with seasalt on the skin part and air fried for 15 min under 185 degree celcius (I actually put the aluminium foil on the net to prevent stickinh).

Then, removed the salt layer and transfer the aluminium foil to below the net. Now, increased temperature to 200 degree celcius, air fried for 30 minutes.

Cool down before cutting it. I learnt to. Cut the meat part before going into the crispy skin!

Made chilli sauce – blend red chilli, spring onion, garlic and ginger – then add in Brown sugar, seasalt, distilled white vinegar and sesame oil

Celine Tan's photo.
And oily rice

Celine Tan's photo.
Dinner: Long beans and Chinese sausage rice and slow cooker arrow root, apples and peanuts chicken soup
Girl wants noodles, so just added into the soup for her.

Had the air fryer siew yoke from lunch. Realised that the meat dries up a little after I air fried it again for 3-4 minutes under 180 degree celcius, but the skin still crisp (decided to air fry it again because the skin wasn’t that crispy after going 8 hours +)

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