Air fried curry chicken


Dinner done!

Thanks to Chuah Swan Lee for the recipe. I modified it. I used half skinless chicken for this and marinated with:
Curry powder
Cumin powder
Turmeric powder
Liquid amino
Molasses sugar
Curry leaves

*marinate for at least one hour

Using Bayers air fryer, under 160 degree celcius, air fried for 8 minutes and then turn the chicken, air fried for 4 minutes under 180 degree celcius. Since I used chicken with bones and fear it is not cooked inside, I turned the chicken around again and air fried for another 2 minutes under 180 degree celcius.

*air frying this use less time than ‘entertaining’ my girl – who wants water, blueberry, change cartoon…etc…. Zzzz (cos by the time I am done with her, it was ready!)

We are having stir fry French beans with carrot and double boiled old cucumber chicken soup.

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