Double boiled dried fig and scallops chicken soup


Thanks Veny MK for the recipe. I modified it with chicken keel and replaced empty corn cobs with carrot.

My ingredients:
One chicken keel
2 empty corn cobs
3 dried scallops
2 dried figs
3 honey dates
5 red dates

Double boiled for 2 hours.

The soup is really so yummy.

I cooked pressure cooked kai choy rice, added a chicken thigh for hubby. I did put some dark caramel sauce into the rice. And so the blackish rice actually puts my girl off. She refused to eat it and cried. =.=’ Then hubby let her taste some of the soup, which she likes it. So, I asked if she wants noodles with the soup. She nodded. So that’s her dinner.

One wok fried noodles for 3 with RM5

Yellow noodles: RM1.50
Taugeh: RM1
Bok choy: RM1
Garlic, onion and sauce: RM0.50
Pork: RM1

I can cook means I am feeling better, though feel a little weak. I can take in more food and drink now. *touch wood* haven’t puke since yesterday’s supper – which was an apple.

Celine Tan's photo.

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