Homemade ‘ribena’: Double boiled roselle for my 34.5 mo


If you asked me, I am still not very comfortable with offering commercial ribena to my girl – though I can dilute it with water or so to adjust sweetness, and my girl is reaching 3 yo soon. So far, she has not been exposed to yet.

But, I am happy enough if I could offer her alternative to it – this is double boiled roselle. It has many benefits, which can be easily Google: https://www.airytea.com/blog/top-10-roselle-juice-hibiscus-flower-tea-health-benefits-effects/

You can do this over stove or slow cooker too, but I used my double boiler. The ingredients I used:
Roselle (I just used the seeds)
Red dates
Black dates
Dried longan
Honey dates

Amount adjusted to own liking. Double boiled for an hour.

*I am not sure how old can take this
*I get my roselle from Village Grocer


Egg noodles with stir fried minced pork, mushrooms and black fungus (mama’s with soy sauce on noodles)

Side: Acar (yeah, I made it)

Drink: Double boiled roselle

Celine Tan's photo.

Dinner done!

1. Steam Silken tofu topped with (leftover from lunch) stir fried minced pork, mushrooms and black fungus

2. Black pepper beef

I actually got this beef knuckle minute for RM9, it was going out at 50% off yesterday at Heromart. So, I grabbed it and came home to Google about it. It is the top part of the sirloin meat, which is a good meat for steak. Nevertheless, I don’t plan to make it as steak. I sliced into pieces and marinated overnight with black pepper, soy sauce and sesame oil. Then I cooked it with onions and Green pepper, plus more black pepper. The meat is kinda tender.

3. Will have blanched sawi in leftover double boiled beetroot chicken soup too.

I’m tired now! But this morning is a real ‘achievement’ for me; did quite number of stuff and some involving my girl – so, not neglecting her to be in the kitchen.

Just gave her a bath again and putting her to nap now!

Celine Tan's photo.

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