Home cooked dinner for 3 under RM25


1. Baked cheesy salmon – managed to get a salmon going out at 50% off, so it was RM6.05; plus lemon juice & Coon tasty cheese – the cost approximately RM6.50

2. Stir fry pork with leek – thanks to someone in DHM posted this yesterday; it is with black vinegar, soy sauce and brown sugar. With onion, garlic, dried chilli and leek, it cost about RM9

3. Stir fry nai pak with garlic – RM2.50

4. Double boiled water cress chicken soup – water cress, carrot, red dates & wolf berries about RM2.50; chicken keel & carcass about RM3 – so total RM5.50

5. White rice for 3 about RM0.50

Total = RM24

My hubby needs motivation. Lol! Second consecutive days he cooked lunch for girl and she didn’t want it – today’s pasta soup; she rather eat fruits!

Celine Tan's photo.

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