Pan fried Asian sea bass


Today will be a relax day! Just cook once for both lunch and dinner since hubby has company dinner, again. (hmm… Seriously, if I am not a sahm, I am not sure how am I going to rush and handle each time he has company occasion)

So, I cooked:

1. Pan fried Asian sea bass, topped with onions oil and liquid amino (I find it tastes fishy, can’t take it, but my girl is okay with it – she had half of it for lunch, the other half for her dinner)

2. Fried egg (she doesn’t like this style of frying – with a lot of oil – since I was frying fish, seems to dry to her, so I ate it. Later I will make a hard boiled egg instead for dinner)

3. Double boiled arrow root, carrot and apple with chicken carcass soup.

4. Yesterday’s leftover gravy from pork curry – I stir fried onions in oil, add curry leaves and curry powder, some soup and the gravy. Topped with taufu pok and fu chok. Added some whipped cream. Served with instant typed noodles – for my lunch.

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