Potty training progress – at wee hours


At around 2am (today), she woke up herself and went to her potty (without crying or calling me). With eyes half shut, she tried removing her diaper (yes, I put her in diaper at night just in case). So I went and helped her remove her diaper and made her sit on the potty. She was half asleep and that was really a big pee! Then I wipe her, made her lied down on the floor while I put on back the diaper. I left her there, went into the toilet to throw the pee and wash the potty. When I came out, she was asleep on the floor! Lol! I carried her back to bed.

*photo is this morning’s poop time

She does still have a little fear when it comes to poop. Her sign is always running around and going in & out of the potty.

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