One pot pressure cooker Leek chicken stew served with spaghetti and mashed potatoes


Half chicken marinated in soy sauce and sesame oil
Button mushrooms
English parsley
Mint leaves
Spring onions
Soup stock
Dash of black pepper
Pinch of seasalt
Whipped cream

Phillips pressure cooker under chicken mode

Actually it turns out quite disappointing in appearance, expecting creamy look but tastes ok.

Mashed potatoes: steamed potatoes with coon tasty cheese, dash of pepper and unsalted butter

Celine Tan's photo.

Mee suah with double boiled radish chicken soup

So thankful of the double boiler again, as I just need to prepare the stuff and put in it – while I bring my girl to the pool, shower her and do house chores without having to look after the soup on stove (for 2 hours)!

Today’s lunch worth:
One chicken thigh RM1.50
Half radish, some Chinese cabbage, tomato, celery and water: RM2.00

2 x mee suah RM0.80
Egg and deco: RM0.50
Leftover spinach and fu chok: RM0.50

Total: RM5.30 with half ceramic pot soup left

My girl calls the egg with deco – Olaf! tongue emoticon

Celine Tan's photo.

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