Khind 52l oven – not a review!


Finally got our new oven from Aeon at its members’ day in One U. It is within our budget, which is below RM300. It costs RM289, members’ price plus RM20 voucher (hubby actually bought something for himself that makes it RM30 voucher at the end).

It is Khind brand, 52l, which is bigger than my older one.

And I am very grateful that a friend is willing to sell off her second hand Khind double boiler (which she used only once last year) to me for RM60!

So, all things sorted now!



Potluck lunch with Vennzi Foo on our playdate!

I cooked pressure cooker snake beans rice
– snake beans
– carrot
– lean pork marinated in sesame oil, pepper and liquid amino
– basmati rice
– water
– additional liquid amino and sesame oil

Under Phillips pressure cooker, rice mode.

Curry chicken and fu chok barley by Vennzi! Super yummy curry!

They were perfect match. Kids didn’t have curry though!

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