Cream cheese pork balls


Made these while my girl was still sleeping. This is for my hubby’s and my lunch that will be served with leftover pressure cooker long beans rice.

Minced pork marinated in soy sauce, sesame oil, pepper and corn flour
Cream cheese
Spring onions

Lightly brown before sending into the oven under 230 degree celcius for 10-15 minutes.

Topped with kewpie mayonnaise.

Running off to the bank after preparing the girl!

Super tiring plus disaster in kitchen for dinner!


Girl woke up later than usual this morning. So, we have to rush to the bank. Fortunately, prepared lunch in advance. Her lunch was egg noodles in beetroot soup with mushrooms and zucchini. We ate at home before rushing out again to see gynae. We went to One U to look for some new pants and shirts for myself (as I am ‘growing’). At first, we thought of eating out – in fact brought my girl’s dinner (miso soup with tomato and seaweed to be eaten with pasta) along. But, we were not too hungry towards dinner time as we ate sushi for tea (and hesitating where and what to eat). So when we were at supermarket, I bought marinated chicken which was on mark down price (below RM5 enough for two adults) – thought of cooking it on top of briyani rice in the pressure cooker. However, it went disastrous when the rice turned soupy/porridge kind, despite trying to cook twice in the pressure cooker. Part of the grains was uncooked. Luckily the chicken was cooked. Such a disappointment. In the end, we cooked instant noodles and ate with the chicken. I did cooked cauliflower with onions on the side.

And in the midst, our girl was making a big fuss because she didn’t really take nap today plus she was about to poop (so all the cranky behaviour came). All ended after she pooped and showered.

Finally the three of us are having our personal me time.

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