Toast yam and pumpkin wantan for my 33m23d’s morning snack

Celine Tan's photo.

Just steam yam and pumpkin (about 10-15 minutes), mashed them together and apply on wantan skin (I am using Lo Sam wantan pastry, can get from most supermarkets). Then on the steel plate, apply light layer of olive oil, put the wantan on it. Toast under 150 degree celcius for 8-10 minutes. Cool down before serving.

Easy to do, and I made this as our home activity today! <Video>

Stir fry loh shi fun for lunch


My girl’s just with liquid amino, so it looks lighter. I am giving her a sunny top egg.

Rice bran oil
Minced pork marinated in sesame oil, soy sauce and dark soy sauce
Loh shi fun
Spring onion
Sauce – soy sauce, dark soy sauce, water

Today’s dinner will be the same – fried loh shi fun, which I will fry when close to dinner. For my girl, I think I will make her noodles soup since she doesn’t really like Loh shi fun. Since not much to prepare for dinner, I stored up & freeze the curry leaves plus turmeric paste (just cut, blended and lightly fry with sesame oil).


Also, today she seems to be having warmish body though thermometer shows 36.5 degree in the morning. I gave her some water to drink and she peed a lot, still her active self until before nap time, her body becomes warmish again. I gave her a quick warm bath and she slept right after without much struggling. Hope she is okay when she wakes up. I will boil her apple barley soon and asked hubby to stop by before returning home to get some coconut water.

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