Pressure cooker long beans rice


Pressure cooker long beans rice

– brown rice, soaked
– leftover soup + 1 tbsp dark soy sauce + 1 tbsp liquid amino + dash of pepper
– onion and dried shrimp oil
– long beans
– shiitake mushrooms

Mode: Rice (Philips pressure cooker)

Pan fried chicken keels (marinated using KarenTham’s recipe), and today figure out that cardamom pods can be opened up! Lol! I modified a little
– cumin seeds
– Cardomom pods (open up)
– turmeric powder
– meat curry powder
– curry leaves
– seasalt
– pepper
– brown sugar
– corn flour
– shallots (chopped)

Marinated for about 4 hours

Lunch today: we ate what’s leftover yesterday plus double boiled beetroot chicken soup


Today has been a ‘challenging’ day. I thought hubby’s working from home meaning I can do my work in a more relaxed way. But, my girl turns super ‘notorious’ today since the moment she woke up (or in fact yesterday night). We really have no clue what she wants. In fact, we tried keeping her busy by playing her usual stuff – but in vain. I needed to control her from disturbing hubby who is busy with work while I need to be busy in the kitchen. During lunch time, hubby says let’s go out for a while (maybe she has been at home for toooooo long). So, we went to the sundry shop down the road to get some vegetables. She ran amok there, running like nobody business. Then, the staff was mopping floor and she was literally ‘ice skating’ her. My hubby has to carry her away for a moment (before I lose my cool) and allowed her to take a cream bun. After picking up our groceries, at the cashier, she made a fuss again; I literally ‘dump’ her at the corner – hubby picked her up and waited outside again. Back home, after putting all stuff and prepared some things for dinner plus doing laundry, I asked her to take a shower. Initially, she was alright until almost done, she lied on the bathroom floor, screaming for my hubby. I picked her up and splash water onto her body to clean her up. She was screaming and making a big fuss, asking for my hubby. My hubby did come in but I shouted that he goes out and close the door – I seriously did not want to give in to her demands anymore. She refused to be wiped and clothed, but I just forced it in. After that, I just ‘threw’ her onto her bed to put her nap – with her wailing and me hugging her without saying a word (but patting her butt); and eventually slept. I seriously hope she will wake up to be a better self later.

My rascal during lunch

Celine Tan's photo.

I thought she was asleep, then I kissed her and said sorry for screaming and literally whacking her butt softly for being mischievous; and she showed me this face as I smocked her =.=

Celine Tan's photo.


Celine Tan's photo.

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