Stir fry vegetables pasta


Training in progress – fusilli, olive oil, garlic, Shitake mushrooms, green zucchini, cabbage, water and liquid amino

From start, but I just get ready the stuff for him to cut – he jokingly said master chef doesn’t need to cut, usually is the junior chef that handles this work… =.=”

Then when chopping and dicing, he kept asking whether “is it too big?” =.=” I asked him imagine if our girl can swallow it + “use your brain laaaa” tongue emoticon He thought cabbage doesn’t need to cut; then I said “if for yourself, no need la”. =.=”

While cooking, he asked how much olive oil to put. I told him one tbsp, and he used the olive oil bottle cap to measure. When I asked him to put garlic, he was like so pro, told me “not yet, not enough hot yet”. After pouring in all the vegetables, he was tapping the vegetables. So, I asked him if he was afraid the vegetables are painful. tongue emoticon Then came the kelam kabut part, I asked him to put 2-3 tbsp water. He practically wanted to take one tbsp by tbsp from tap to pour in. =.=” Then I told him can use cup and he filled up about half a cup – I said ‘tooooo much’ and ‘your vegetables are going to burnt’. =.= He told me why I didn’t tell him earlier but I responded by saying why you didn’t read the guide I sent him. He poker face and mumbling – need time la, bla bla… After adding in liquid amino, he asked what’s next. I said ‘throw in the cooked pasta’ and he said ‘oooo… We are flying pasta issit?’ =.=”

Anyway, safely cooked and packed!

He was so happy she finished it; he says enough ‘wok hei’

Celine Tan's photo.
Celine Tan's photo.

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