little 17chipmunks helping around in the kitchen

“As homemakers and homeschoolers we have the power to create a healthier reality for our children. The time we spend in the kitchen with and around our children is not a distraction to their learning but an important part of it.”

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I don’t train my girl to be a chef in the making; or a stay at home mum in the future (but it is all up to her). I see this as life skills that she needs to learn while she is still young. Besides that, it trains her focus and sensory. It also keeps her thinking and part of her ‘play’ activities. This is the beauty of homeschooling – not just about writing, reading, singing and etc. which she will definitely learn as time goes by and when we decide to put her in school.

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Nothing special, just made double boiled radish, tomato and enoki mushrooms chicken soup this morning. And served my girl with pumpkin ramen. She was happily slurping her noodles as usual: The drama ‘slurper’….: Meals can always be as simple but healthy, though some may think it is bland – as I didn’t even put any seasoning to the soup.

I had leftover pressure cooker black sweet vinegar pork trotter with ginger and pan fried tofu, together with some soup.

We went for a short grocery shopping just now. When arrived there, we were welcomed with a rude driver who thought she was “right”. She was parking into a slot and my car went behind her. I didn’t know she was about to reverse a little. Next, I find her finger pointing already. =.=” I got the parking spot beside her, which is a family parking near to the entrance. When I was removing my girl from her seat, the lady driver started hurling and “cursing” from her car seat with windows open – I pretended I did not hear or see her; went off to do my shopping as usual. Ignoring her was the right thing to do – I didn’t get into an ugly argument with her – and therefore had a calm and cool shopping. Plus, my girl was along with me, I don’t want to be seen as an emotional b*tch in front of her in the public. In addition, you may not know who is recording the situation, if any.

After our shopping, we went back to the car and the lady has left (her car was no longer there). I hope she has a good day ahead. Why make yourself angry for such a small thing?

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