Double boiled mushrooms chicken soup


Noodles in double boiled mushrooms chicken soup

Mushrooms have many medicinal benefits. And since we are under the weather (actually, 3 of us at home have flu – but the one with the strongest immunity being the little girl), I made this double boiled mushrooms chicken soup. This is also a suggestion given by my miss lesbo.

Chicken keel
Chicken feet
Enoki mushrooms
Brown buna shimeji mushrooms
Shitake mushrooms
Half carrot
One bulb roasted garlic
Water to cover ingredients

Double boiled for 1 and half hours.

We have one portion of egg noodles and one portion of mee suah left. I asked her to choose one of them, and the girl wanted egg noodles. So, that’s her lunch. Mine is in mee suah.


Celine Tan's photo.

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