Pressure cooker braised pork with yam


Me time ended too soon! tongue emoticon

Enjoyed my pre-natal massage a lot and also lunch with my lesbo!

Came home to find my girl napping! Hehe… So, quickly cooked the dishes – I have prepared ingredients before hand.

1. Pressure cooker braised pork with yam
Under bake mode, stir fry garlic with dried shrimp, add in marinated pork (red bean curd, sesame oil and kikkoman light soy sauce), yam and soaked black fungus.
Then turned to ‘stew’ mode, immediately off and release pressure after 20 minutes.

2. Stir fry yau mak with garlic

3. Double boiled lotus root and pearl beans chicken soup (I put this to boil before going out)


My hubby’s latest recipe – rice cooker rice without water (because he left out)

Prepared everything plus instructions, but he missed out ‘water’ note! He googled and Google answers ‘can with or without water’. Lol! So, he press the rice cooker start button few times until it eventually cooked (without any water).

Verdict: The girl ate..but not much (not because it isn’t tasty, but according to him, because she ate biscuits).

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