Steamed minced pork with eggs and stir fry baby bok choy


I made two separate ones – one for girl and another for adults – because I need to show my hubby how to make her one person portion, which could probably sufficient for two meals.

Girl’s portion: minced pork marinated in liquid aminos, pepper and sesame oil, Shitake mushrooms, carrot, 1 egg, 50 ml water

Adults’ portion: minced pork marinated in sesame oil, light soy sauce, pepper and oyster sauce, celery, long cabbage, 3 eggs, 120 ml water

Steamed for 12 minutes

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    She has been clingy since last week during her bedtime and nap time. The only way I can get away from her to cook is by placing the soft toy near to her cheek, as though she is leaning to me! Lol!

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    My girl is actually so happy to see her teddy bear shaped zucchini pan mee.

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    Actually not that time consuming to make them, plus it is easier for her to scoop them up.

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    Soup: Double boiled radish soup (chicken keel, half radish, two tomatoes, some long cabbage, 1 and half hours)

    Finished most of it

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