Pressure cooker stew chicken with vegetables!


Dinner tonight

1. Pressure cooker stew chicken with vegetables!

Thanks Kate Loh for the tips. Now I know how to maintain the chicken’s tenderness when stewed in pressure cooker. Yes, release the pressure and off the switch, don’t let it keep warm too long!

I marinated the chicken overnight with red and green apples (blended), pepper and some corn flour.

Then in pressure cooker, under bake vege mode, I stir fry initial ingredients – garlic, onion, tomato, potato, carrot and celery. Then add in chicken, some water and covered with long cabbage. Under stew mode for 20 minutes (I still need to figure out how to adjust timing).

2. Stir fry romaine lettuce with garlic

3. Double boiled lean pork, century egg and salted egg porridge for myself

Both of them having leftover pressure cooker fragrance rice.

My girl’s lunch today at the coffee shop – steamed hot the leftover pressure cooker fragrance rice with steam minced pork and hard boiled egg


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