Pressure cooker baked grape chicken


– marinated with fresh grape juice and paprika powder for 4 hours plus
– coated with egg and all purpose flour + cornflour + pepper + cream crackers

Under bake mode for chicken

*forgotten to seal my pressure cooker *sob*, so it is kinda under cooked, so I put into oven to bake further

Vegetables curry and double boiled beetroot chicken soup from lunch plus fried tofu


Lunch: I made vegetables curry using the base of yesterday’s failed pressure cooker curry chicken sauce. Just sauté onions and curry leaves. Added more curry powder. Then add on long beans, brinjals, browned potatoes, tau pok and fu chok. Besides the remainder sauce, water was added too and finally after vegetables almost cooked, I added some whipped cream! Yummy! It’s really curry now!

This was served with kon lou spinach noodles.

My girl had spinach noodles with double boiled beet root chicken soup!

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