Shape A Colourful Community campaign


My girl has never been really exposed to PlayDoh before, though she has many of the PlayDoh toys that she inherited from her cousins. Last week, we received an email asking for her contact details as the company (Hasbro Malaysia) wish to send us a sample PlayDoh Party Pack. Initially, I was skeptical until I saw the invite and decided “why not?”, especially after they let me know that I don’t have to necessarily participate in their roadshow (if I am not available).

We finally received the pack in two working days. And certainly glad that they use other courier company, other than the poor service Pos Laju. My girl was definitely excited and happy to receive it.

Celine Tan's photo.
 And, she wanted to play with it immediately.
Celine Tan's photo.
I can’t really give a feedback on the playdoh compared to homemade ones because it depends on which recipe we followed for homemade ones. The fact is when I was a kid, I used to play with PlayDoh, and it was a luxury those days. If I am not mistaken, it is no longer that expensive to play with PlayDoh (about RM4.90 per tub) as I did survey on them. It would certainly be a choice for parents who have no time to come up with their own homemade ones. Actually I would still prefer my girl to play with homemade ones, in the sense that she gets new different textures ones to play with – depending on which recipe I follow. Anyway, we are certainly thankful that we are given this party pack for free – and my girl get to “test” on its texture, compared to homemade ones. I would say it is really soft and its colours are really solid/sharp (in fact, I think I love their colours alot).
Celine Tan's photo.
There’s actually the sculpture competition to “reflect what most represents Malaysia to you and/or what a colourful community is to you”, but guess we will give it a pass this time. Moreover, at my girl’s current age of 32.5 mo, she is more into her imaginative play, whereby only she herself could understand what’s she shaping. <Video> We would also see if we will have time to make it for the roadshow, as it will be held on the day and its timing coincide with my gynae appointment.

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