Pressure cooker tomato rice


Credit to Phillips pressure cooker recipe book

I just replaced ghee with unsalted butter and evaporated milk with yogurt.

Dinner done – all cooked using pressure cooker except begedil

1. Tomato rice (recipe from Phillips pressure cooker recipe book)

2. Stew soy sauce chicken and tofu (for my Cina man) -using leftover sauce from previous day stew soy sauce chicken, added cabbage and celery, one firm tofu and chicken rib (marinated in sesame oil, soy sauce and black pepper) – under ‘stew’

3. Sotong and onion sambal – Sotong, onion, tomato, oil, blended ingredients (fresh chilli, garlic, ginger, tamarind juice, molasses sugar, seasalt, limau kasturi juice), water – under ‘stew’ (amount too little or water too little, slightly burnt at the bottom – pic in comment)

4. Begedil (potato, spring onions, fried shallot, pepper, covered with egg)

With pressure cooker, no oil splashing and just press a button – my ‘blind’ hubby also can cook! Plus no need to wash pot after cooking each dish – saved it to the end! Lol! I am going to teach him when I master it better. Hehe….

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