Breakkie: Coffee cooked oats


-2 in 1 instant coffee

Topped with dark chocolate oat krunch biscuit

*hubby requested larger bowl, as yesterday’s was too little

Yesterday’s: Milk and honey cooked oats topped with cereals
Hubby joined me in taking cooked oats because we ran out of bread.

It is “candlelight” breakfast as our girl is still asleep. So rare! (but in the meantime, I am worrying if she caught sore throat from me!)

My throat was uncomfortable yesterday, downed orange honey and apple barley in the day. It was slight uncomfortable during wee hours, so I decided to get up and make myself squeezed fresh orange juice. It works for now…. And I drank another squeezed juice again prior to breakkie.

Double boiled old cucumber soup and stew vegetables tofu for dinner
We will be having leftover braised yam with pork belly and black fungus from yesterday’s dinner also.
Celine Tan's photo.

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