Indian menu for my girl’s dinner tonight


My hubby is going for company’s dinner. So, I just need to prepare for my girl, as I am taking the double boiled ABC chicken porridge.

Fried curry powder fish (Ikan tenggiri), marinated in:
Fish curry powder (alagappa brand)
Tapioca starch
Turmeric paste

*fish was washed with some salt

Before frying, cover with additional turmeric powder and corn flour (no oil splashing with this way).

Vegetables dhall:
Turmeric paste
Ginger paste
Vegetables curry powder
Olive oil
Dhall, soaked

Served with calrose rice

Celine Tan's photo.

Notes from Vasanthi Sundaram:

After you finish cooking the dal per your recipe, heat up some oil add some aseofotida and mustard seeds. Once mustard seed pops, add some sliced onion and fry till brown. Pour the dal into the fried mixture. Dhal creates wind when comsumed. So adding Aseofotida actually removes the wind.

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