little 17chipmunks pooping into the potty now!


After a month plus of potty training, she has finally ‘tell’ me BEFORE she poops (she doesn’t poop that often but definitely not constipated).

She learns that she will have stomach ache, runs to me for hug and I will bring her to potty. She does so few times (hugs mama, sits on potty, cries to get up and wants to put on her panty) before actually pooping. I observed that she doesn’t really has the patience to sit and wait for her ‘first’ poop to come; and hence this process. So, when I foresee this happening, I place the potty nearer to us.

Last week, there was still minor poop accident whereby her poop leaked out a little on her panty before she finally sat on potty to complete the process. But today, she finally did it all in the potty – with me hugging her while she was sitting on her potty before the ‘first’ poop.

*Relatively accident free lately (cross fingers) but constant reminder needed, though at times she volunteer to pee herself (most likely false alarm – because she does that only when I forced her to take her afternoon nap)

**I managed to put her back again on diaper during night time after few nights of accident on her bed. But when she’s on diaper at night, it is usually dry. Lol!


Went out for a short grocery shopping trip to the bakery and sundry shop. Risk having her pee or poop in her panty – as I didn’t put her on diaper (since it will be a short one hour plus trip). Plus, this is without access to the loo.

Phew, fortunately she patiently wait till we arrived home – and voila, so much pee! Lol!

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