Cod fish sushi for my girl


I actually stir fry the cod fish with garlic, celery, carrot and yam bean before adding into cooked calrose rice with slight sushi seasoning. Then roll with unsalted roasted seaweed. It tastes really good actually and I can’t taste the cod fish at all. Hopefully she likes it! Another way to ‘hide’ cod fish into her favourite sushi.

Since no need to prepare next day lunch for hubby, just cooked him oli ma cha fried rice, whatever left in the fridge – leftover roasted red bean curd chicken, sawi, celery, carrot, Shitake mushrooms, garlic plus some dark soy sauce.

Side is pork cutlets and soup is pumpkin chicken soup.

I am eating double boiled mushrooms porridge for dinner.

Ate almost 8 pieces… grin emoticon

Celine Tan's photo.

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