Homemade avocado lemon ice cream!


Thanks for the inspiration from Mel, Vernice Tan and Catherine Teo! I made my first non-sorbet/smoothie kind of ice cream for my girl! Lol! This is avocado lemon ice cream. I followed: http://www.womenshealthmag.com/nutrition/avocado-lime-ice-cream

But my ingredients are:
1 avocado
1 lemon juice
2/3 cup sweetened creamer
2/3 pura low fat milk

Abit too much of lemon juice, so a bit souring, but still good! I think sweetened creamer should be reduced a little, as it is a bit too sweet.

Video of little 17chipmunks eating the ice cream (part of the video) <here>

One month ago she was still rather timid when it comes to cooking on the stove (mama has to give alot of encouragement); lately she has been coming ‘near’ me when I am doing ‘hard core’ cooking to the extent that I have to asked her to move away. Today, she volunteered to cook her own egg!

So happy to see her liking the homemade ice cream i made. Guess I will go get some ice cream cone for her to have the real feel of ice cream.

And after showering, she told me she wants to colour ‘fingers’!

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