3 dishes dinner


We went to the supermarket and there was chicken on offer. Half the chicken cost about RM5.50. And squid, which was cleaned properly already, going for RM3.50 (about 210g). My first time buying and cooking squid.

Actually, I wasn’t sure what to cook. We went back and I opened the fridge – so decided with ‘oli ma cha’ stew chicken (so, it was whatever left in the fridge kinda stew). Stew – being having sauce and thus no need soup.

So, my ‘oli ma cha’ stew chicken:
Half chicken, rub with seasalt and pepper, set aside for half an hour (just wanted to make sure that it doesn’t have ‘bad’ chicken taste after I cooked it)
Green pepper
Liquid amino (alternative of soy sauce)

Stew for 40 minutes. I didn’t even cut the chicken, will probably use a scissors to cut it off later on the dining table.

For the squid, I actually Google ‘fried sotong’ (http://chinesefood.about.com/od/seafoodrecipes/r/squid.htm); it came out ugly but still palatable. And I don’t enjoy the oil splashing when it is almost cooked.

Vegetable is stir fry tai pak choy, which cost RM2.

Inclusive of the oli ma cha stuff, oil, garlic and gas, dinner for 2 adults and one toddler is less than RM15! I achieved my KPI again for my hubby who says meal budget is RM20.

Celine Tan's photo.

Early lunch: Vegetables cheese fried rice!


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