Colostrum is kicking in at week 22!


My 31m23d has been acting weirdly lately – she has been smelling my cleavage whenever I carry her (ya, like a ham sap girl). Then, my friend thought maybe my milk is kicking in (I am about 22 weeks pregnant now). And so this morning, I tried pressing my nipples and indeed colostrum has kicked it. Plus, when my girl saw the drip of colostrum, she can’t wait to lick/suck it. The girl is again blessed with tiny drops of colostrum.

*Note: We still maintain a short nursing session when I put her to sleep during nap and bedtime, even though it is just dry nursing. (and yes, it is not to the comfort of my boobies, so it is usually for a short few seconds)

I truly believe:

“The mother who is deciding whether to continue nursing during her pregnancy has several factors to consider: her medical history, her physical and emotional comfort level, the nursing child’s age, and his need to nurse. If the pregnancy is progressing normally, then the decision of whether to continue to breastfeed is more an individual ‘parenting’ decision rather than a ‘medical’ decision.”


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