Storing ginger paste, turmeric paste and garlic


I am testing out to prepare prior to confinement. I have decided to use mama Carole’s method.

Just blend the ginger/turmeric. Then in heated sesame oil, pan fry the blended ginger/turmeric with a pinch of seasalt.

*I am currently using deer brand sesame oil.

**I am storing them in the refrigerator and see how long they can last (of course, in the meantime, I will use it when I need).

***For ginger, I used normal old ginger.

I am seriously touched when quite a number of DHM members have offered help and advice either sharing in public or private messaging me or even helping in real terms (help me buy stuff and even wanted to cook for me) when you all come to know about me handling the coming soon confinement. This has motivated me to take early action to prepare prior hand.

Sharing of confinement cookings (though mine is very normal daily dishes) are still welcome ya! He he… I have yet to try many but copied the relevant ones into my 555 notebook. Lol!

Trying out Rachel Wong ‘s suggestion to soak with oil for garlic; I soaked in rice bran oil. Guess when I cook, I just don’t need to put additional oil to stir fry it.

Celine Tan's photo.
 Special notes from Rachel:
Make sure you put it in the fridge, not room temperature. Botulism alert! Never store garlic in oil like this at room temperature; it should always go in the fridge. To be on the safest possible side of things, use refrigerated garlic in oil within three days, or freeze it; it is safe for much longer when frozen.

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