Fried banana bread


Ingredients (without exact measurements):
All purpose flour
Pinch of seasalt
Molasses sugar
Instant yeast

Leave to rest for an hour. Then shape it and topped with sliced fresh banana. Lightly pan fried.

*you can choose to bake it at 170 degree celcius for 15-20 minutes.

My personal teatime – NudeBottom Kitchen’s fried bread served with homemade red bean soup by Vennzi Foo!
Yums to red bean soup! like the thickness of it!

We had guests in our house today. And glad my girl’s playdate ate major part of his meal. We went fusion as his favourite is spaghetti and I was lazy to prepare pasta sauce. So, I made lotus root and pearl beans chicken soup. It was then topped with ‘bak cham kai’ and spinach.
For them, I added quail eggs, which the boy didn’t really like. His first try actually!

We had homemade chilli belacan too!

My girl was really not into eating today; a bit ‘shy’ that she went all around the house while the boy sat quietly and ate his meal. Lol!

Thanks Vennzi Foo (our silent member in DHM :P) for coming, and we will be glad to have you both again soon!

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