Day #18 of potty training – we got the first poop in the potty!


*I know I am ‘crazy’ for taking a pic of her poop in the potty, but it is also for me to show her & remind her to poop there, which I just did before she went to sleep! (poop censored in this picture :P)

The key is to observe her act of pooping. Today I managed to spot it while hubby was doing laundry (yes, she likes to poop when someone does laundry!) I quickly carried her to the potty and yeah, she did refuse at first – more of being ‘afraid of’. I hugged her and pacify her, telling her I am there for her. She soon calm down and managed to poop in about 10 minutes. I did asked her in between if she was done, which she said no – and it was true – she wasn’t done yet.

I insisted hubby to play a role today since he was at home- showing her how to throw her poop into the toilet bowl and washed the potty. Instead of the disgusted face, I insisted hubby to smile at the poop and after throwing, bid goodbye to it! tongue emoticon and she followed. No more tear then. She only wanted me to clean her up.

Hopefully this is a good start of her pooping in the potty!

She has been peeing consistently in her potty. Even when we go out, she doesn’t pee on her diaper. For example, today when we were out and even passed 2 hours, she hasn’t wet her diaper but peed when I took her to toilet. We did ask her earlier if she wanted so, but she refused – so we didn’t want to force her.


*Night diapers have been on and off dry.

*I still remind her to pee. I think I haven’t had “trust” in her to tell me, more so of wanting to avoid accidents. But when she really doesn’t want, I won’t force her but ask her again later.

*She has been flushing off her own pee – including bringing it to the toilet bowl and rinsing the potty.

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