Non halal: Toddler friendly char siu for my 31m7d


Pork part: I asked the butcher to get me a little fat for a ‘multi purpose’ part pork (lol! I don’t really know the exact part but I usually trust the butcher)

Marinated for 2 hours (longer if possible) with (no exact ingredients amounts):
Liquid amino (you can Google about it)
Sesame oil
Five spiced powder
Black pepper

Before roasting, heat pan with some oil (I used rice bran oil), then caramelised some molasses sugar. Coat the marinated pork with the caramelised sugar. Then put on the baking pan. Roast under 200 degree celcius. Flip every 15 minutes until you get the charred level you want. Cool down before slicing.

*yes, ‘charred’ is bad for health, and that’s why my option of making it at home than store bought char siu.

*My objective of trying varied type of home cooked food for my girl – this certainly brush off comments that my girl never get to taste different kind of food as she is still fed home cooked food (my choice to cook for her and her choice to obediently take my food! – till the day I have no energy to do so; foreseen soon?)

**For halal version, I guess it would be the same if you use chicken meat – I guess chicken thighs would be a good option, Hmmmm… I should try it one day!

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