Toddler’s version prawn noodles for my 31m6d


I have been thinking of attempting this for quite some time. And since we did an allergy test confirming that she is not allergic to shrimp, I started accumulating prawns shells, which I peeled and freeze. So, by yesterday, I have enough to make prawn noodles soup (though I have no prawn by itself for the dish :P).

Recipe (will be in detailed, please read through before posting any question, if any):

Double boiled – prawn shells, some soaked dried anchovies and onion, for 3 hours under ‘soup’ function (I left it overnight)

Let the double boiled soup to cool down a bit before blending everything (yes everything, which includes the prawns shells).

Then pour into a pot (up to you if you want to sieve it, which I didn’t). Add in few pieces of lean meat (I used pork).

While you are letting it to boil, blend 3 fresh chillis (deseeded), one bulb garlic and one big onion. Stir fry the blended ingredients with some oil until fragrant. Then transfer them into the soup. Let the soup boil for 30-45 minutes. No additional seasoning required unless you want it to be more salty, you can add salt.

Meanwhile, you can prepare stuff like hard boiled eggs, vegetables (I used romaine lettuce), noodles (I soaked mihun) and onion oil (if you like, I added it for myself).

Remove pork, let it cool down and slice.

Then blanch mihun and vegetables in hot boiling water. Topped with egg and meat. Pour on the soup. Done!

For my own version, I added some chilli padi, as it is non spicy at all.


Question on when can you feed prawns to your little one:

Just need to cook for hubby’s dinner and lunch tomorrow since my girl & I can take the leftover prawns noodles from lunch.

Simple braised soy sauce chicken with potato and shiitake mushrooms plus stir fried sawi.

Kept some remainder sauce from chicken to make kon loh mee for myself tomorrow!

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