Day 13 of potty training


Guess this would be the last update until she shows further progress on pooping in the potty.

Yes, she is almost alright with peeing in the potty (plus toilet bowl). Just constant reminders required. I would consider this a ‘successful’ peeing in the potty, following this excerpt:

“Based on my experience, I don’t think children under 3 should be in charge of their own toileting habits any more than they should be in charge of the family budget. Sure, toddlers can be trained to use the toilet; that doesn’t mean they will respond to their bodies’ urges in a timely manner. Young children are more prone to holding.” – Source: positive parenting

A relatively accident free day (on day 13) until her big job at night (when I was not looking at her in a glimpse of an eye). There was still fear in her when she pooped in her panty, but I would reckon the fear has reduced. She did wave goodbye to her poop but wasn’t too comfortable when I was wiping her butt. She wanted me to clean her with water. Probably the sound of water and water flowing on her body are calming for her. The immediate fear gone.

We will give her more time. She definitely has done a good job in just 13 days (or less).

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